Gregory North

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Blue Mountains Crossings Bicentenary commissioned poem How Far We've Come (128 kbps mono 5.75 MB). High quality (256 kbps stereo 11.5 MB). See poem text here.

The opening poem from Greg's latest DVD Stick It
Download Merry on Sherry.mp3 (1.00 MB)

With their unsightly clothing, smutty talk and self obsession, Young People are a problem today, that's according to the old fuddy-duddy speaking in this fun poem.
Download Young People.mp3 (1.04 MB)  From Greg's CD Fully Sick Mate

You ring for help with some new fangled piece of technology... and your call could connect you to almost anywhere in the world. Who knows what you'll hear on the other end?
Download Call Centre.mp3 (1.00 MB) From Greg's CD Fully Sick Mate

Ever had trouble explaining what you mean, or understanding someone who talks in high-faluting terms? It could be a breakdown of communication, or something else.
Download Breakdown.mp3 (1.16 MB) From Greg's CD Fully Sick Mate

Taxi drivers have seen it all before, but what is it that drives the inebriated towards gambling and a late night kebab?
Download Slabs, TABS, Cabs & Kebabs.mp3 (1.47 MB) From Greg's CD Fully Sick Mate

Save the Last Word poem about words being left out of Collins dictionary. From ABC Radio National program Lingua Franca.

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Gregory North 2021. Photos by Andrew Bosman and Gregory North. Updated
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