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Australian Champion bush poet Gregory North presents rhyming Australian verse from past to present. Through use of accents, props and student involvement the great Australian tradition of rhyming poetry is brought to life. Students experience some of our classic poetry from the past as well as modern subjects presented in that same traditional style that is appealing all over again. Poetry is meant to be performed and that's what makes it so much fun!
  • Show duration: 50-60 minutes.
  • For middle and upper primary (years 2-6 in NSW). [Can also include K & 1]
  • Preferred audience size: 30-70 students with a maximum of 250 for a single show.
  • Cost: $5.00 per student. Minimum charge $250 depending on travel.
Australia has a great tradition of bush poetry and Greg presents some of the classics as well as his own original poems. Children participate as characters in poems and witness a truly Australian art form.

The show Immerse in Verse features the following poems:
  • The Ant Explorer - C J Dennis
  • Cicada - Gregory North
  • The Triantiwontigongolope - C J Dennis
  • Said Hanrahan - John O'Brien
  • The Man From Ironbark - A B (Banjo) Paterson
  • Our Touch Football Day - Gregory North
  • The Man From Snowy River - A B (Banjo) Paterson
Show variations and workshops are also available on request. Out of school performances as part of community events or fundraisers can be arranged too.

Once children experience the joy of rhyming verse performed as entertainment, their enthusiasm for poetry is awakened.

Here's what Year 6 student Nor, from St Joseph's Primary School Narrandera thought:

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